”Our objective is suburban renaissance. We’ve forgotten how good suburbs can be.”
– Juha Metsälä

We are a Finnish construction company, founded in 1989. We operate in a project management model, as an expert partner in regional planning and real-estate development. We operate in all relevant growth centers across Finland. The Group is lead by the founder of the company, Managing Director Juha Metsälä.

We have some 2,800 apartments under construction in the largest growth centers of the country. Over time, we have built over 12,000 homes, and we are in fact one of the biggest housing constructors in the Tampere, Turku and Jyväskylä areas. In addition, we build retail, production and office spaces, infrastructure and renovation projects. The Group employs some 3,000 people, 250 of which are our own staff. Our goal is to be the leading housing constructor in our operating areas.

Every construction project is special to us, as special as it is to our customers. This can also be seen in the quality of our work.

Our values
– Customer satisfaction
– Profitability
– Skilled staff
– Work satisfaction