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Good governance

Pohjola Rakennus follows good corporate governance practices in all its operations. The company’s operations are guided by, among other things, the ownership strategy, updated annually in connection with the company’s strategy process, and ethical guidelines.

The highest governing bodies are the Annual General Meeting and the Board of Directors, as well as the President and CEO. The Chairman of the Board prepares matters to be decided by the Board of Directors with their personnel. The Chairman of the Board is responsible for implementing the goals, plans, policies and objectives set by the Board in the Group.

Social responsibility

Pohjola Rakennus’s goal is to offer its employees an inspiring, fair, safe and equal work environment. With regard to accidents at work, the goal is zero.

The company requires that its partners, subsuppliers and subcontractors commit to complying with the Group’s ethical guidelines. The company requires employees, subcontractors and partners, as well as their employees, to wear the necessary protective equipment and a photo ID on construction sites.

The company’s purpose is to engage in financially stable, profitable and responsible construction activities in the long term. The goal is profitable, moderate growth, i.e., sustainable growth that creates value for the owners now and in the future.

Pohjola Rakennus Corporation actively maintains financier relations in order to act as a reliable and interactive partner and to secure the financing of the Corporation’s operations on market terms in both the short and long term.

Environmental sustainability

The environmental programme of Pohjola Rakennus includes the company’s most significant environmental aspects and goals. Based on these, the company sets environmental goals and measures to achieve these goals. The objective of the environmental programme is to develop the company’s operations to be more environmentally friendly and support sustainable development.

By taking environmental considerations and social responsibility into account, we aim to be involved in preventing climate change and promoting the preservation of a diverse environment. The environmental programme’s starting point is the commitment to complying with the legislation and the continuous development of operations. Pohjola Rakennus requires its subcontractors and partners to comply with the prepared environmental programme. In addition to the programme, our operations are also guided by the company’s ethical guidelines.